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The other guy seemed pretty relaxed. JC was glad, because he sure wasn’t. He was nervous as hell, shaking in his shoes, and he had to keep reminding himself not to chew on his cuticles, because there was nothing sexy about that. He sneaked a glance sideways. The other guy turned his head and smiled.

“You all right, there?”

“Oh, sure.”

The other guy said, “Mmm,” tilting his head, and his smile turned a little mocking.

“No, really. I’m just.” JC waved his hand in elaboration. The guy watched it, still smiling, and then looked him up and down and his smiled changed. JC turned away quickly and bit the edge of his thumb before he could stop himself.

“We’re just about ready here, guys.”

The tech guy snapped something into place on his rig, nodding and shrugging as the website guy told him something while gesturing around the suite, and then the website guy motioned them over. The other guy got up, smoothing the front of his t-shirt. “Well, here goes nothing,” he said, smiling that smile again, and JC’s stomach lurched and his breath caught in his chest. He was really going to do this.

“Right over here, JC,” the website guy said, “We’ll start out on the couch. You doing okay?”

“Yeah, sure, fine,” JC said.

“And yet he’s still way over there.”

“I am not,” JC snapped, stung. The guy laughed again, sounding surprised, and JC felt his face grow warm. This was getting better and better. Pretty soon he would be drooling on himself and falling down. Hot.

“Leave him be, Chris. You were no Mr. Smooth yourself, first time around.”

The website guy elbowed him, elbowed Chris, and Chris faked a punch at him. “Who even remembers the first time?” Chris said, and the website guy ducked out of reach, laughing, bumping the camera on its tripod. Oh, maybe this was just a bad idea. He could borrow some money from his mom. Again.

“Oh, hey, JC! It’s cool. Chris promises to behave. Don’t you, Chris?”

“I promise to be good,” Chris said, leering.

“I don’t — you know what, maybe I should –” Live and learn. JC shook his head. If he could find his coat, maybe he’d catch his mom before she went out. Maybe. Plenty of hot guys everywhere he looked. Never mind.

Someone grabbed hold of his arm and tugged him back around, and Chris was right there, frowning. “Hey, man, come on,” Chris said, and his eyes were this weird, dark color, but light at the same time. “I’m sorry. Okay?” Chris was a little shorter than him, but solid. His smile was cute, but his frown, lethal. It was all very confusing. Chris’s mouth — “Hey, JC. Okay?”

“Oh. Yeah?”

“JC’s in,” Chris announced to the room, and after a minute JC followed him back.

The website guy had him kick off his shoes and socks first. Chris didn’t say a word about the shoelace tugging or the muttering or the abrupt silence as JC heard himself, just slung an arm along the back of the leather couch and stared off into the distance, one knee bouncing. JC settled in next to him gingerly.

“Okay,” the website guy said, “how do you guys want to work this?”

“Whatever JC wants,” Chris said, patting the back of the couch. “I’m cool with whatever.”

“All right,” the website guy said, “here’s what I was thinking. Since JC –”

“Blowjobs,” JC blurted out.

Everyone looked at him, of course. JC knew his face was redder than ever. Smooth, a word not even in his dictionary. Chris was smiling at him again, a totally different smile this time, still confusing.

“You heard the man,” Chris said, sitting up and clapping his hands briskly. “All right! Can we get on with this? I have things and people.”

“Then we’re rolling,” the website guy said, looking at JC doubtfully, and then he nodded at the tech guy and the tech guy did something to the camera that made it click, and JC tried to unknot his fingers from the fabric of his pants.

Chris slid over right away. “Howdy,” he said, sticking a hand up JC’s shirt. “I’m Chris. I like long walks by the firelight and bubblebaths in the rain.” He lunged in for a kiss, stroking JC’s stomach, and JC stiffened up all over his body and tried to strangle a yelp.

Chris sat back, wiping his mouth on his wrist. “Too fast?”

“No! No, I –”

“Oh.” The smile was back, the sexy one, the other sexy one, “Gotcha. Then how about I just let you drive?”

“Guys — I was thinking it might be hotter if Chris –”

“Yes,” JC said immediately.

Chris leaned back and stretched out his legs. “Knock yourself out.”

“Guys –”

“Oh.” JC pulled in a deep breath. “Yeah. Thanks, I will.”

Chris rolled his eyes, running his hands down his thighs, tightening his pants over his crotch. Oh, package. That was really, that was really



“Did you want to suck my dick, or what?”

“Oh, right!” Right. He was an idiot. Chris was frowning, and the tech guy and the website guy were snickering in the background. Absolutely. He had no idea what to do next. Chris was spread out next to him, scowling at him, tracing the inner seam of his pants leg with his fingers —

JC shimmied out of his shirt, shaking his hair free as the collar came over his head. “Sorry. I’m just a little. What?”

“Nothing,” Chris said, closing his eyes. “Carry on.”

“Okay,” JC said.

The muscles in Chris’s thigh tensed briefly at JC’s touch, but his face didn’t change. Chris had that wonderful layer of padding that made JC press his fingers in gently. Would it be completely lame to strip Chris out of his clothes right away? Like, too fast for the camera, or whatever? He gripped Chris’s leg harder and pulled, thinking about it, and Chris inhaled and let his knees fall apart easily.

Okay, that was good.

He slid his hand up and stopped, palm in the warm angle at the top of Chris’s thigh. Chris tensed up again, the lovely package growing. “Mmm,” JC said, licking his lips, and Chris grabbed his hand suddenly and yanked it into his lap.

“Come on already,” he muttered.

Yeah. Gladly.

Chris was already hard inside his jeans. Really hard, actually. JC started squeezing and rubbing immediately, and Chris started pushing up, tiny hip jolts that pressed his cloth-covered dick into JC’s hand. Yeah, that was good, too — they had a rhythm together right off the bat. They were vibing. Awesome.

He ran his thumb up over the tip and flicked at it gently with his fingers. It jumped in his hand. Okay, yeah, that was — mmm. Also good.

Chris made a strangled noise. “Cut — cut that out.”


He did it again, watching Chris’s face, and Chris opened his mouth and his chest lifted. “Fuck, just –” he said, his voice shaking a little. “Just, fuckin’ don’t — come on, JC.”

“Hmm,” JC said, and did it again. This time, Chris turned his head sharply. Cool. A damp spot was forming on Chris’s pants, right there. And again, a few more times, his fingers throbbing, tingling, warming with the friction. And again, and then harder, and Chris was grunting, high and breathy in the back of his throat. Fuck, fuck, he was so very hot. JC slid his thumb up, ready to go again, and Chris snapped forward and pushed him away.

JC, I swear to god.

Oh. Oh, shit. “Sorry,” JC said. “Was that not — I mean.” The website guy and the tech guy had strange looks on their faces. Chris was glaring at the floor. Fuck. “I’m not really very –”

The website guy cleared his throat. “It’s cool, JC. That was actually, um. How about we, we, uh. Just start again. Chris?”

“Just suck it,” Chris said, and leaned back on the couch with his arm across his eyes.


Chris spread his legs willingly when JC moved in closer, but his belly tensed up when JC slid his fingers in to undo the top button. Whatever. Chris had a strip of crisp dark hair leading straight down. He was a hairy guy, actually, his arms, his chest, the shadow around his crazy goatee. Totally JC’s type. Figured.

He yanked Chris’s pants down around his thighs and over his knees. No underwear, of course. Chris kicked the jeans off while JC leaned out of the way, and pulled his own shirt off while JC tried to gather himself.

“Okay, I,” JC said. Chris looked at him briefly and covered his eyes again, dark hair in his armpit, triceps and biceps tight under all that lush skin, his hand clenched. “You know what, never mind.” He pushed Chris’s thighs further apart, leaned in, scooped the angry-looking dick up off his abdomen, and closed his mouth around it.

Chris wasn’t huge but he was full to bursting, and he lifted up right away and started moving against JC’s tongue. Yum, and put his hands on JC’s head, and didn’t even seem to mind when JC stroked his hips and thighs and cupped his tightening balls. Heaven. JC hummed happily and settled in.

Except his lips were barely tender when Chris pushed at his forehead, and he was barely even in his zone yet when he became aware of something else. A voice. Not Chris’s.

“Let him go, JC! We need the shot!”

He sat up, fingers at his mouth. “Mmm. ‘Kay.”

Chris grabbed himself right away and started pumping, and soon he groaned and shot all over his stomach. “Fuck,” he gasped, and the tech was aiming a handheld over the back of the couch, JC realized, so he pulled his other hand out of his pants and tried to scooch out of the way.

“No, hey! Where you goin’?” The tech guy waved a hand. “Your turn soon,” and Chris’s eyes were open wide and glazed over and staring right at him.


“Yeah, oh,” Chris said, his voice rough. “Get over here.”

Sprawled out on the couch, as relaxed as JC had seen him but still tense, still erect, holding his dick and kind of squeezing it absently, as though he didn’t realize he was doing it, watching JC —

“No, I don’t think so.”

“JC –”

“No, I’m good,” he assured the website guy. “It’s just. I think I’d like to fuck you, please,” he said to Chris. “Can I?”

Chris immediately slid down onto his knees and turned around and draped himself over the couch. “So polite,” he said, and he didn’t even sound very mocking. He sounded — okay, he did. But he was interested. JC could tell. Especially when he backed his naked ass up firmly into JC’s front.

Maybe the website guy answered him then, but JC got busy unzipping and pushing his pants down until his dick sprang out, so who knew. His dick went straight for Chris’s ass, such a smart dick, and Chris made another one of those helpless, sexy noises, but he didn’t make JC stop. Good. He really, really didn’t want to stop.

“Lube,” he said, watching Chris’s gorgeous ass, his hand on Chris’s back, his cock pressing in tight. Someone slapped a rubber and a plastic tube down on the couch next to him. “Thank you,” he said, and Chris shuddered. He leaned in close to breathe in Chris’s ear. “Are you ready?”

“Jesus Christ, JC.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” JC said, getting himself ready. “How hard do you want it?”

Chris shot a surprised look over his shoulder. “Go for it.”

“All righty, then.”

For a second Chris laughed, but JC went deep right away, as soon as he could, and it turned into a moan. “Oh yeah. Yeah.”


No answer, no words anyway, so JC grabbed hold of his hips and started fucking, as hard as he’d been wanting to, as hard as he could. Chris took it.

And took it, fuck, bracing himself against the back of the couch on his forearms as JC drove deep. He was making those sounds again, the ones that crawled right down JC’s spine and settled in his balls, and his head was hanging down, dark hair parting on his neck, and his skin and the muscles of his back and his arms and fuck, his tight, tight ass. JC kept on pushing it for as long as he could, until his thighs locked up and his hips went liquid, the sweetest fire burning all through him. Then he looked at the tech guy with his handheld angling in, and in a brief flash of clarity said, “Shit, Chris, I’m going to come.”

“The shot, JC. His back.”

JC groaned and tipped his head to Chris’s shoulder, trying to still the snap of his hips. “I don’t know if I — ” he whispered. “Do you want me to,” and Chris pushed back hard and gasped, “God, don’t you stop.” So he kept it going, kept it going, and somewhere someone was hissing, “Keep it rolling! Fuck, this is gold,” and then Chris started convulsing under him, so JC let it all come down.

Afterwards Chris let him rest against his back for a long time, and even turned his head so JC could kiss him again and again, his whole body thrumming with warmth and pleasure. So, so glad he’d decided to stay.

“Okay, guys! Here’s the thing.”

He pulled out as slowly as he could, running a soothing hand over Chris’s hip, and shuffled aside on his knees, holding up his pants, as Chris flopped over to sit gingerly on the floor. Where to put the rubber? He hesitated, and Chris took it out of his hand and tossed it on the couch, grinning at him, a whole new smile.

“Uh — guys. We’re going to need to schedule another session. To finish up the, to get, um. Guys?”

“You are definitely not at all what I was expecting,” Chris said in a soft voice, looking at him like none of the rest of it existed, the camera and the others and the website and the hotel room.

“Hi,” JC said, smiling back.



August 2007