It amused Justin that everyone thought Chris was depressed or something, all holed up in his house because he was pining for his lost career, partying too much and unable to get the new group going. He was fine. He told Justin so every morning, blinking in the thin sunlight through the curtains shrouding all the windows in his house, and when Justin left the house, ready to take on the world and conquer the day, he left Chris asleep in bed, the tiniest trickle of blood curving over his skin to dry and welcome Justin back home at night.

A few times Chris had tried to scrub the blood away before Justin woke up, leaving a tarry streak behind and hiding his face when Justin opened his eyes, but Justin had convinced him to let the blood dry naturally. There was no need to clean up, and Justin loved the gritty taste on Chris’s skin, loved to slide into the messy bed when he was done with his day, to wake Chris up by licking at his face until Chris opened his eyes in the near-dark of the bedroom.

“Morning, baby.”

“Justin,” he said every time, and Justin would laugh, because who else? And they would begin.

But tonight was special, an anniversary of sorts, and Justin had thought long and hard about what Chris might like for a present, some little reward for everything Chris had given him over the last year. It had not been easy to think of the perfect gift. It had been kind of painful, actually, because Justin had had to face himself and think hard about what Chris really wanted and how selfish he had been toward Chris. But he had figured it out, he thought, and as he guided the tipsy girl up the stairs he had to admit he felt kind of giddy at the thought of Chris’s reaction.

“He’s already in bed? Oh, naughty boys.”

Her voice was too loud. Justin told her to shush and patted her ass, and although she wouldn’t stop giggling, he supposed that was all right. He left her teetering near the bedroom door with a murmered “just a sec, pretty” and went eagerly to the bed.

Chris was still, as he always was before Justin woke him. Justin pressed his face against Chris’s for a instant, filled with love, whispering “morning” into his cool neck. Chris’s eyes slid open.

“Justin,” he said. Justin smiled.

“Happy Anniversary, baby,” Justin said. “I brought you a little something.”

Chris closed his eyes briefly. “What,” he said.

Justin ushered the girl over to the bed. She giggled again as she stumbled on her way over, but Chris’s eyes never left Justin’s. Justin rubbed his thumb over a stain on Chris’s lip.

“She’s for you,” he said, squirming with glee. Chris turned his gaze toward her, his eyes darkening. She waved a little and said, “hi!”

Chris said, “Justin,” again, his eyes fixed on the girl as she tried clumsily to pull off her sandals. Justin stroked his still face, his hand shaking with excitement.

“For you, baby, all for you,” he said, and Chris turned his face into Justin’s hand.


The girl sat down with a thump, jarring the bed. Justin wanted to move away, but Chris opened his mouth a little against his palm and Justin’s body filled with electricity, his attention narrowed to the gleam of Chris’s teeth against his hand, and he forgot all about her.

“No, Justin,” Chris said against his skin, and Justin felt another swell of love. Chris was so good to him, always so worried about his well being. He could feel Chris’s body begin to tremble, coming to life under his hands, and he knew he had chosen correctly. Chris needed this.

“Hey, honey, I thought this was a two for one deal?”

Justin turned to her and grabbed her head, kissed her greasy lips until she went slack against him. She shivered when he let her go to rise from the bed, watching him like a rabbit in the headlights. Justin smiled at her and stroked her hair.

“Him first, pretty. Okay? It’s like a present for him.”

She smiled back drunkenly. “Okay. You gonna watch?”

“Oh, yeah,” Justin assured her, and she slid over to Chris on the bed.

Chris didn’t move as she pulled off the covers and began touching him, didn’t move as she kissed his face and neck and made as if to head down his body. But when she touched his chest, sliding her hands over his heart and muttering what she undoubtedly thought were sexy endearments, Chris raised his hands slowly and gripped her arms.

Justin hugged himself. He was waking up. Soon she’d see the real Chris.

Chris lifted her straight up off his body by the arms, and she made a cheesy impressed sound that left Justin rolling his eyes, because that was nothing. Her noise turned into an alarmed squeak, though, when Chris sat up straight from the bed, holding her in mid-air.

“Justin,” he said, turning his head, a strange kind of appeal in his voice. Justin settled into the covers next to them.

“Go ahead, baby. For you, I said.”

All the light left Chris’s eyes. He turned back to the girl slowly. She babbled something, Justin couldn’t tell what, and squeaked again as Chris dropped her to the bed between them.

Justin grabbed her hands and pulled them up over her head, kissing her damp face, telling her how lucky she was, how Chris would show her something so amazing. She made some kind of noise or said something, answering him perhaps, but then Chris opened his mouth and settled on her and Justin felt a surge of heat go through him. Chris was so beautiful, so alive, burrowing his face into her neck, licking her skin, humming deep in his throat just as he always did with Justin, but wilder, because he could. Finally he could, and as Justin slid his free hand down his stomach, he knew he would do this for Chris again.

Justin released her hands. She lay with her arms stretched above her head, dazed, while Chris growled and rooted at her neck with increasing urgency. Justin patted her face, loving her a little for a moment.

He could tell when it happened. She stiffened suddenly and cried out, just as Chris made a gutteral sound and calmed against her. Justin trapped his cock against his stomach and wished he could be her. She was crying. Chris had made her beautiful.

Chris drank for a long time, humming and pushing against her inert body. Justin stroked himself, watching, consumed by sweetness.

When Chris pulled out at last, beautiful teeth sliding from her skin, beautiful blood slipping down her neck, Justin felt a burst of pride so fierce he thought he’d catch on fire. Chris turned over on the bed, huddling into himself, and Justin climbed over her to surround Chris with his arms and legs, words of love and praise tumbling from his lips as he stroked Chris’s pale face. He could feel Chris’s heart beating once, twice, faintly, and it meant everything in the world.

He would have to do something about the girl in the morning, after Chris fell asleep. He had a rug all ready in the basement to roll her in. For now, though, she could stay right where she was. Chris wouldn’t mind. Justin just wanted to hold his lover and sleep.

“I love you, baby,” Justin said, drowsy, falling down that black hole, and he knew Chris would watch over him until dawn, like always.



September 2004